andzaha The supporting projects and their missions

The supporting projects and their missions

The activities of the Health Center are made possible by the faithful donors that have followed us since the beginning of the project.  To allow free access to treatment, we want the center to be financially self-sufficient thanks to regular income from companies or social cooperatives that we will help create.

The first social agricultural cooperative that we will supervise will cover the production/ processing/conditioning of the leaves and seeds of the Moringa tree (anamambo in Malagasy). It will participate in the fight against malnutrition on the island, provide natural treatments for people and treat water to make it drinkable all while facilitating the development of the Health Center activities.

With the agreement of local authorities, we will propose the construction of Sulabh toilets  by the inhabitants themselves for better hygiene that protects the environment.  We will raise awareness among children first with health campaigns in the schools.

Lastly, we will soon launch social initiatives with people heading agricultural projects such as the production of essential oils and honey, and other ventures  linked with agriculture, tourism and sustainable development.

These will do more than simply finance the Health Center, they will also break the cycle of poverty and facilitate other activities linked directly with food sustainability in Sainte-Marie and for the people living there.

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Andzaha est une initiative d’entreprenariat social qui vise à contribuer au développement sanitaire, social et économique de l’Ile Sainte Marie, au Nord-Est de Madagascar.